Tomb Escape Room w/attendant included
Tomb Escape Room w/attendant included Clock 837778417 Tomb Escape Room w/attendant included Sarcophagus 800568655 Tomb Escape Room w/attendant included Hidden 805890408 Tomb Escape Room w/attendant included

Tomb Escape Room w/attendant included


per hour


for 2 hours


for 3 hours



for 5 hours


for 6 hours


for 7 hours


for 8 hours


for 9 hours


for 10 hours


for 11 hours


for 12 hours


for 13 hours


for 14 hours


for 15 hours


for 16 hours


per day


for 2 days


for 3 days


for 4 days


for 5 days


for 1 week


for 2 weeks


for 3 weeks


for 1 month

The Great Escape, Tomb Escape provides a portable, immersive experience for small teams to have a great time while working together to solve challenging puzzles. As the center of attention at any event, this exciting attraction is ideal for teens and adults of any age. The Great Escape, Tomb Escape is a perfect for after prom, youth groups, day camps, college events, and corporate team-building events!

Professional delivery to Greencastle, IN and surrounding areas. Please submit a quote or contact us if you want to make sure we service your area.

110V Outlet:


Actual Size:

8' x 8' x 7'

Space Required:

item unavailable (change date)

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