Mirror X Booth
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Mirror X Booth


per hour


for 2 hours


for 3 hours



for 5 hours


for 6 hours


for 7 hours


for 8 hours


for 9 hours


for 10 hours


for 11 hours


for 12 hours


for 13 hours


for 14 hours


for 15 hours


for 16 hours


per day


for 2 days


for 3 days


for 4 days


for 5 days


for 1 week


for 2 weeks


for 3 weeks


for 1 month

The full-length mirror offers a sleek design and a user-friendly interface, communicating with guests through a touch screen of colorful animations and entertaining voice guidance. You can customize your background and pictures are printed immediately

Professional delivery to Greencastle, IN and surrounding areas. Please submit a quote or contact us if you want to make sure we service your area.

110V Outlet:


Actual Size:

Space Required:

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