FAQs - Hosting A Movie

*****Talk about movie license and give a link to swank / criteion. ***


We are so glad you you’ve decided to host a Movie. Here are some FAQ’s to think about while you continue to plan your event.

  1. Are there lights in the parking lot or near by that will be shining on the screen? Would you have access to turn them off and back on again after the movie ?
  2. Will you be serving concessions? We can bring concessions and serve them. Concessions should not be located next to the screen as this can cause a distraction from the movie.
  3. Are trash cans available? We can provide cardboard box trash cans and even haul away for a small fee.
  4. Do you have restroom and had washing facility or hand sanitizer stations available ? We can help with this.
  5. Do you have jumper cables in the case of a dead car battery?
  6. Are there automatic water sprinklers?
  7. We prefer to play your movie via DVD or Blu Ray. If you have another source or wish to hook up any external devices, please let us know in advance.
  8. If you are hosting a Drive-IN movie, it is convenient to orient the screen with the existing stripes in the parking lot if possible.
  9. The movie cannot start until after sunset
  10. Do you have power within 75’ of where you would like the screen placed ? We will need two – 20 amp circuits with in 75’. If this is not possible – we can bring a quiet generator for a small additional fee
  11. Will you be setting up on grass or concrete ? This allows us to know how we are securing your screen. If stakes can not be used a sandbag or concrete barrel fee will be added.
  12. If we are hooking up to an FM transmitter for you, please know we will not be able to give you the radio station to tune into until the day of the event. In fact, it is one of the last things your host will hook up. After your host is set up, does a sound check, they will then find the station that works best in your area. Know that this might be up to 15 minutes before start time. Once the station has been set, we will let you know and we can also make announcements over a microphone and speakers to let everyone know.

Here are some other fun “did you know ? “ facts –

We can host :

  • Drive – In style movies with a fm transmitter.
  • Dive – In movies pool side
  • Boat-In movies – lake side in boats
  • Under the Stars – lawn / blanket oriented movies

Our trained movie technician stays on site to ensure a smooth event.

Worried about a community noise ordinance? Ask us about our silent cinema. (Smart phones with free app download required- up to 750 people)

We offer double features.

We can facilitate any movie licensing needs you may have.

We offer discounted rates Monday – Thursday

We offer a rain date guarantee- ask us how this works.

We can operate several screens in one location at the same time.

Is movie time too late ? Ask us about our LED screen option

Want to do more than a movie ? Ask us about our live feed and video camera options. –

Led truck hosting -Graduations, Sporting Events , Score Boards, Concerts and more.

Do you need a WiFi area created for live streaming – we got you “covered”.

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